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The Irish Women’s Lobby’s main aim is to provide political and media representation to women and girls in Ireland and internationally, highlighting the need to advocate for female-specific issues, including acknowledging and seeking to end male violence against women and girls.


Many women in Ireland, and in particular working class and migrant women, are feeling increasingly unrepresented by the leading women’s voices in Irish media and the NGO world, which do not appear to represent the interests or concerns of the average female citizens of this country.


There is a clear disconnect between the issues experienced by Irish women, and in particular socially marginalised and disadvantaged women, and women’s representation in the Irish media and NGO sector. The Irish Women’s Lobby has formed to fill the gap between women’s concerns and the public representation of those concerns, and to ensure that women’s voices in Ireland are represented in media and in politics across the full social spectrum. 

To this end, the Irish Women’s Lobby will ensure that the voices of Irish women are heard, particularly in the area of policy making. We will actively engage with institutions, both nationally and internationally, to provide analysis, input and contributions on all matters pertaining to the rights and well-being of women living in the Republic of Ireland.

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We need to take ownership of our own sex-based rights.