Irish Women’s Lobby Presents


Ireland's Institutional Exploitation of Women & Children

We ran this webinar about the Mother and Baby Homes on the 19th August 2021. If you missed it, tune in to hear these amazing women by clicking on the videos below.

The Panel

Hosted by Dr. Christine Gaffney – Social science researcher, specialist in gender equality, sexuality, and inclusion

Egregious breaches of human rights in Ireland

Anna Corrigan is P.R. for the Tuam Babies Family Group. Her Mother was Bridget Dolan, a former inmate of Tuam Mother and Baby Home. Bridget gave birth to two boys there John and William who are the subject of two Police inquires since 2013/2014 around what happened to them.
Anna brought the story of her Mother and her brothers and the work of Catherine Corless to the attention of the journalist, Alison O’Reilly which resulted in the setting up of a Commission of Investigation into the Mother and baby Homes. A book followed called ‘My Name is Bridget’.

She is an advocate for human rights for those affected and received a Gold medal from Trinity College Philosophical Society for her work around human rights and public discourse on issues surrounding this Home.

Walking through Ireland’s institutions with my mother

Annette McKay is a strong campaigner for the 796 children buried at Tuam Mother and Baby Home where her sister died.

 Éistigí (Listen): The need to hear silenced voices
Beth Wallace was born in Ireland’s oldest ‘Magdalene Home’ & adopted to a family where she was sexually abused. Beth has struggled with the consequences of these & other experiences for most of her life. Now a psychotherapist with a thriving international practice, she invites us to listen, éistigí in the Irish language, to the voices of some of those who gave birth & were born in the ‘mother & baby’ institutions, particularly the forgotten, the dead & the ostracised. Not just to listen but to really hear & deeply feel those voices & to consider some of the consequences of not listening to them.